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Energy Field Analysis & Vibrational Remedies
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Vibrational remedies are formulas which consist of electricity put in a bottle of structured water to hold the vibrations stable.  When applied through the water, these vibrations become the specific counter vibrations of specific pathogens that make up a disease.  
When taken by mouth, these "opposite" vibrations cancel, clear and nullify the cause and symptoms of your disease.  With the symptoms gone, well wellness is at your grasp.
These remedies have impacted diseases that are thought to be incurable (See the attached document on how they work in detail).     LINK FILE  If it is an inherited condition or one recently acquired, it never returns. 
Eleven years of Osteoporosis totally reversed as well as Osteopenia.  Cancer, MS, Lupus, Lyme disease, organ diseases, blood diseases, all positively impacted by the remedies.  This is quantum physics at its best for us.

In this service, belief is not necessary for one to experience results.  Conditions in their infancy, before symptoms are expressed fully, often emerge.

This service is accomplished through an Energy Field Analysis in a face to face session or at a distance via a saliva sample, both accompanied by basic health information LINK FILE  The practitioner assesses the body organs and systems as well as specific areas of your concern.
Your body generates an electrical field that contains vibrations which relate to the current and future health of your body.  A saliva sample or picture carries these same vibrations. From these samples we assess the vibrations of the body. The Energy Field Analysis is done on the ENTIRE body, its organs and systems.  Therefore, in many cases we find health issues beyond those which you described. These additional findings may be underlying causes of your described issues or may be something which may manifest into problems at a later date.
The research has shown that a subclinical condition can contribute to a wide range of health issues without ever becoming a full-blown diagnosable disease itself. This is also true of inherited conditions.
The information gathered leads to the recommendation of the Vibrational Remedies unique to your health
 /files/2245825/uploaded/How to Take doc.doc How to take the remedies

Emotional remedies are for mind sets that may have happened from birth, experience or memory. Borna Viruses /files/2245825/uploaded/BORNA VIRUS def.docx , Consciousness Clearing Combinations and Destiny Connection Remedies are all based upon specific viruses that block or exaggerate different emotions.

Even the mind set has a vibration and these remedies are based on that vibration. While some of the remedies play into emotions, the group often helps those emotional rough places in life.

Unsure?  Schedule a FREE 20 minute consultation.
Mail in your saliva sample, health form and a check
Saliva Sample:  Soak 2 cotton balls with your saliva, seal in a ziplock bag and mail to the clinic.

Energy Field Analysis
Energy Field Analysis

Energy Field Analysis

EFA based on Saliva Sample
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